Friday, 17 January 2020

Another Mitten

Holidays are over, all of my family is in full mode for work and school work.
I am the same, started new craft projects, started trainings for BA certification, that I promised myself for very long time, went through dental surgery yesterday, wisdom tooth with general sedation got removed. It seems I will have active 2020, by looking at January at least.
But I am forgetting to show some of the craft work here in my blog. I still feel like I need to keep it alive somehow)))
So here it is.Another mitten by Cricket Collection. Redesigned by me a little. Tried Nordic Gold threads. The redesign needed as my friend and my kids did not understand original design with jingle bell, it looked confusing to them. Even to me, I got it only after reading the name of mitten.

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Mouse the King Mitten

Happy New 2020 Year to all who are still here.

My mouse the king mitten is finally ready. The mitten was patiently waiting for arrival of the fluffy threads for about a month, while I was very impatient about it. Never experienced such long delivery process from 123 website. But it arrived on 30th of December and I rushed through to finish it and sew it all together. I feel this delay was intentional, while I was working on the other project designed by Olena "Living On the Rainbow". Will show it soon, final touches still in progress, having some challenges with tulle and the golden ribbon for the dress))) But I like such challenge, it makes you rethink the process of creation multiple times.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Tiny Tree Mitten

Сьогодні в ночі падав сніг, такий пухнастий, цікавий. Дороги в наших краях зразу замело і важкувато добратись куди тобі треба.
Я залишилась дома і сфотографувала свою чергову рукавичку рукавичку.  Вона така простетька але така тепленька. Всерединці і ззаді я дала фланельку, ой і як мені зразу захотілось саме такі рукавички тільки мого розміру.
Мої канадські друзі зацікавлено заглядають на мої творіння. Одна подрушка попросила рукавичку для себе))

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Designed by "Living on the Rainbow" Christmas Constumes mittens

 Три рукавички разом. Перші дві я зробила помойму на початку року, а останню костюм Санти залишила на кінець року. Манія рукавичок продовжується. У мене ще дві вишиті, і кілька схемок в планах.
Сьогодні погода у нас дуже вітряна, фотографувати їх було важкувато, все тряслось і я в тому числі)))

Fox mitten